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Personal question??

Okay so I don't really know where else to post this so recently I've been going on and off of new anti depressants for just about over a month now and I've noticed that I have been craving sex like no other. I don't have a boyfriend and I am not about to go have sex with some random guy. I have had sex before but I've never really enjoyed sex it's always been painful for me and I never get to finish sort to speak. I'm sorry this feels really really weird to post on here but it just won't go away!!! If I don't at least help myself with my cravings twice a day I can't sleep or concentrate at all and my dreams are always filled with this too! What is going on?? I thought anti depressants curve sex drive??? Help

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Well, I guess you haven't talked to your prescribing doctor or discussed this with your therapist. Think that's a wise move to contact them. Self help may be a very appropriate answer to this situation if they reassure you it's normal.


I would contact your prescibing physician and tell them. There might be an alternative med to use as there are many our there.


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