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Mom Guilt

Anyone else have working mom guilt? It is eating me alive. I feel so bad for being a working mom. My little one goes to daycare five days a week. I have a 45 minute commute to and from work. I get off at four instead of five which helps with the drive time some but I still hate the drive. I feel like I’m missing my little girl’s life and it makes me so depressed. We are saving to move but it will be a while. I feel like a bad mom. My house is always a wreck because when I am at home I try to spend my time with my daughter. The days are busy blurs. I don’t feel like I am living. Any advice?

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Hi nice to meet you. I presume you are suffering from depression and/or anxiety as you have posted in here. This is a serious illness and I hope you have been to see your doctor and got some help. Have you?


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