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Shocked and depressed

Hi everyone, my name is Becky and since January I have had a very bad time with my health. I was diagnosed with migraines only a few months ago at the age of 46 to add to what appears to be an ever increasing list of ailments.Today I visited my optician as I've been encountering what looks like a watery spot in my vision to be told that it is the jelly of my eye and to watch out for a retina detachment to avoid going blind in that eye. I have 2 children, a supportive husband although I think I might now being pushing it and a very difficult mother in law whom I could do with walking away from for good. I'm supposed to be going on holiday in a few weeks but this news has somewhat taken the edge off going due to being in a foreign country if anything were to happen. I don't drink or smoke, have stopped eating sugary chocolate due to these migraines and exercise when I can. I really don't know where I've gone wrong to be so unlucky. Sorry for my very long post I've finished my frustrating rant.

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