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A Little Scared

Do any of you feel ever feel scared to fall far away from your depression? Since my depression has followed me around for so many years, I feel kind of weird now that I feel a bit better. Maybe it's because I've been having fun with my girlfriend the past week, I'm not sure. I'm just not sure why I feel afraid of letting go of my depression even the smallest bit. Do you guys have this problem?

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I think I understand how you are feeling, I've felt it too. It's become a part of you and how you identify yourself. In the past I have tried to tell myself that this is me, this is what I've worked for, and it's a good thing. You will always be yourself, you will always have depression in your past and knowing that you have overcome it has made you stronger and better prepared to take on future battles. I think of it as breaking free and being myself as I'm meant to be. Please don't feel bad about getting better, it's a great thing and I'm sure you deserve it.

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Hi, sounds like you're afraid the lack of depression isn't for real, and that it's going to pop up its ugly head any minute, or something else worse might happen. There's a saying that it's better to deal with the devil you know, than the one you don't know.

What else besides having fun with your girlfriend have you been doing to lessen or stop your depression?


Not much lately. I haven't found much interest in anything. I've tried writing, listening to music, drawing, coloring, etc. but it doesn't work. Spending time with her is different sometimes bc we always have fun when we're together.


Is she someone fairly new in your life?


No, we've been best friends for 5yrs.


Well, the original reply from Tryntobirt appears to very appropriate for your situation. If you are under professional care, perhaps you should check in with him/her about your concern that you're not really interested in an anything but the time you spend with your girlfriend. One person can't be your whole life for long. In the meanwhile, enjoy your life but maybe try a few things on your own to balance your life a bit. :)


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