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Confused about my career

Hello I am new to this site but I have been in anxiety support groups before. I am 24 and am experiencing indecision about what job I want. I went to school for journalism but am afraid to get a job in it because I am an introvert. I moved abroad to teach TESOL but couldn't get a job because I couldn't hide my anxiety at interviews. I am thinking about being a psychologist now. Now I am living with my dysfunctional family watching T.V. I saw a supermarket nearby was hiring however I am so used to watching TV and also being rejected by employers ( I haven't worked for 2 years since I was an intern & 3 years since being a waitress) that I am telling myself I don't even want a job, that I am too good for the supermarket.

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Hi poodle!

I hear what you are saying and I feel for you. It's really hard getting back into the work force after not working. Two years is a long time.

Sometimes with anxiety and introversion we just have to force ourselves to go outside our comfort zone. A supermarket job would be a big step. Lots of people and lots of activity. Although that could be a good job to make yourself apply for, I wonder is there something else around you that's not quite so frenzied as a supermarket? Maybe something that's more of a baby step.

Also, I think psychologist is a great goal! I wish I was in a helping profession myself. Good luck to you! 😃


I too suffer from anxiety and have been unemployed for 3 months due to it. I have recently been pushing through and even though it sucks at first, all I have been doing to get through is tell myself that I'm doing great and I am strong and can push through and do it! After all, its hard to push past it, but it can't kill you it can just be very uncomfortable feelings. They fade after about 15-20 minutes and then you can go about your day. You just have to push yourself through, or at least thats what I have had to make myself do. Don't give up on anything you want just because you're an introvert! And in the meantime, starting work at a grocery store could give you that confidence boost you need (just showing yourself you can get out and push through the anxiety). Thats what it did for me. Starting at a grocery store, btw, isn't a bad thing at all! Starting somewhere is all you can do :)

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Hi I agree with the others. I lost my last job 9 years ago and didn't work for 7 years. I was desperate to get out and about again but my self confidence was at an all time low.

Anywhere I forced myself to apply to work as a volunteer around 18 months ago and although I was very nervous about it now love it. My manager says she has seen a huge change in me and my confidence has shot through the roof. I have a very good handle on the job and love the meeting and helping people.

I have been praised a few times for being so good at my job which has boosted me a lot. This might not be for you if you are an introvert but something else could.


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