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Change of job?

I have spoken to someone on here already about this but its been amplified today after speaking to my doctor.

To put a bit into context I have had two jobs that have apparently contributed to my mental health.. I say apparently as I don't believe it but anyway. My first job was a Transport Law Enforcement Officer, bit like a police officer just for transport. My second job I am not allowed to disclose but it is very similar to my first.

So he asked me if I have had any traumatic experiences at work, I am not usually an open person but its obviously best to be open with your doctor so I was. I have had multiple suicides at work, been threatened with knives more times than I can count however that was in my old job, not happened in my current... yet lol and had numerous attempted assaults. However as much as I tried to explain it didn't effect me (literally each accident I stayed, other than the suicides where company policy states I have to be relieved of duties for the day). He says it is bad for my mental health and advises I look for new employment in a different field.

I was explaining to the other person on this site (I am not sure if they want to be named) that I am a web developer but even though the pay is a hell of a lot more and its something I enjoy more, I much prefer.. I guess you can call it the physical power trip I get at my current/previous job as stupid as that sounds.

I loved getting in foot chases etc, the adrenaline rush was unreal.. it was amazing!

I think I have rambled on enough, I need to start making these shorter!!

Anywho, what do you guys think? Agree with my doctor?

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I think to put it simply, you should do what you want to do, and feel comfortable and safe doing.

We spend most of our waking hours submerged in our jobs. I think we should all try to have a career that makes us feel the most fulfilled.


I'd say you have to go with your heart. Your doctor and others can help you decide but only you can know what's right for you. The physical power trip may be an unhealthy thing if that's the main reason you like your job as I think service and making a contribution for the good of all should be a part of our motivation if we're going to be happy.

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Do what you love if things at work dont affect you then be happy with the job and continue doing what you like


What type of doctor is this? GP? Psychologist? PTSD Psychiatrist?

You may not believe/agree with an opinion of a professional, but I think first it should be a professional with the proper expertise in the field of your mental health and physical challenges.

Then take it under some serious consideration, as you are now playing in his ball park, not yours. If you still cannot agree with your doctor, then it's time to agree to disagree with him, but also persuade him to help you to deal with your challenges to stay in your preferred profession, depending on how long can your mind and body realistically handle that career.

What we think we want is not always what our bodies and minds can handle in the long run.

You so much to think about once you are receiving care from the proper professional. :)


It is a GP. I am still on a long waitlist as I am not 'high risk' so the only time I speak to a PTSD Psychiatrist is when I am giving them more information about me.

I sort of agree with them but I don't know how to explain it.. I lack the confidence I guess?

Its a long term thought I guess you can call it as I will not be taking any action until I speak to my psych.


Moving from or stretching a comfort zone can be a challenge...doesn't fit as well as our current comfort zone.

Maybe need to start writing what you are thinking or feeling, so you can hand it to the proper professional when you meet. Will take just 5 minutes for the professional to read/scan, and will save you wasting 15-30 valuable minutes by trying to explain verbally. Instead will give your professional an overall view, and the opportunity to focus on one issue at a time.

Just a suggestion. :)


violetgenie, Hidden and snoman523228 - Thanks for your responses (easier to reply in one message). Part of me wants to leave but I guess I lack self confidence. I have always been the 'braun' and not the 'brain'. It's weird as I am not the sort of person who's afraid to leave his comfort zone but I guess all of this changes your personality.


Your a very strong man and you will go head on with what ever comes your way and dont forget mate im here in your corner when you need me

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