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Non stop attack for over 3 days

Hi guys,

I have had panic attack symptoms non stop now for over 3 days. I am not anxious about anything and as said in a previous post, my doctors don't want to do anything treatment wise until I have my 24hr ECG (13 days time) so I am at a loss as of what to do. Its just getting boring now. Wake up 4 hours later I am tired, constantly 'tight chested', constantly ready for a fight in the sense I have a load of adrenaline flowing through my body.

It seems like my body has become immune to Amitriprtyline Hydrochloride as for the first month it was mostly uphill, now it seems it is coming back down.

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If you let your panic attacks happen and not try to fight them off they will slowly lessen 3 will move to 2 2 will move to 1 1 will move to none when you start to feel anxious tell yourself anxiety whatever you gone do to me do it and count down from 20 and after that gone on about your day you gave anxiety it's opportunity I had panic attacks for a week straight probably longer than that I lost count after the second one I visited the emergency room twice in one week one time it took me and my mom a whole hour to get home because I kept making her pull over because I thought something was happening to me panic attacks forced out of work so trust me I know how you feel but I googled and YouTube self help ideas and tried my best to execute them and I must say while I' am not 100% better I' am much better today than I was a month ago

Things that helped me


•YouTube anxiety videos (Melanie Murphy, Nikki Phillips, and Dr. Harry Barry)

•Headspace Meditation app


•Talking positive things into my head when feeling anxious


I agree with Happygirl01 completely! My therapist have me these audio discs called Pass through Panic and it gives you so much information as to what fuels panic attacks and panic disorder! The key thing during a panic attack is acceptance, you have to literally accept each awful symptom no matter how bad it feels and just let yourself feel it. Also don't forget to breathe! Trying to fight the symptoms will only exacerbate them. I also recommend looking up guided meditations on YouTube they really help ground you and get your mind off it. Also do you have any type of anti-anxiety medication for your panic attacks?

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