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Today wasn't so bad as I thought

Today me and my boyfriend toke a nice journey to Stratford-upon-Avon where I like to go to unwind after a week of work. The weather wasn't so bad so went got the train and decided to go up there, I felt anxious on the train as I done get anxiety when leaving the house. We walked around the shops and walked along the riverside as normal.

We got to the riverside and taken a little boat thing across the river to get the other side. Once we got of I noticed a fair ground which brought back fun times which I had at fun fairs. So, I decided to nag the HELL out off my boyfriend to join go the ride, if not he's a chicken.

After ages finding a cashpoint to withdraw money we got to ride. The madness is yet to begin, the people operating the ride were two young gypsie boys who looked the age of ten. I shrugged it of and got on the ride.

This ride put us up side down in mid air and my anxiety just went crazy but at the same time I felt alright. I had never felt so close to death in my life due to the safety seat lock feeling lose, the G force hitting my body and the mixed emotions I was feeling.

The thing is after that ride I felt a release like. Such a strange amount of feeling but was the highlight of my day, my anxiety didn't control me from making decisions and that's what matters.

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That's really cool. I'll have to remind myself to ride roller coasters when I feel afraid.

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