Really bad anxiety????

Still looking for a therapist but I'm getting really anxious and upset. I have been having break downs a lot..... at least once a day. I am starting to sleep more at least (during the day) Since I don't sleep at night. I took 3 naps yesterday. I have been having headaches and more. When I get anxious I have this bad habit of picking at my skin or running to check the door to make sure it's locked. I always have a knife. I also get dizzy and nauseous when I get anxious so I'm always feeling sick. People are starting to get worried because I am always shaking so bad and pulling my hair out and biting things. I feel guilty and horrible because of this. Also when I experienced intense emotions of any kind I feel really disconnected like I'm in a dream and the dizziness I get from my anxiety really makes me think I'm in a coma or something. I vibrate really badly when this happens and shake like crazy and usually think that the things I don't won't effect me so I sleep go into corners walk around when I shouldn't, scream and cry all while shaking. I can't do anything about it so all I can do is sit on my ass all day eating with a knife next to me playing a video game. I always feel so uncomfortable and it's not fun....

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  • You mean you need to see a psychiatrist right? Where are you searching? What is the difficulty you are having in finding a psychiatrist? Are you in the US? Do you have insurance? What is the hold up?

  • Oh man.....I am so sorry I think I confused you a bit I meant anxiety as in the feeling not the mental disorder I'm sorry I confused you. I wanted to see a therapist to make sure I don't an anxiety disorder and yes I live in the US and I am having some money problems again sorry that I confused you.....😶 This is a bit awkward sorry for the misunderstanding.....

  • You can do some self-therapy there if you are willing to open up to your own self and deal with any underlying fears or guilt you may be carrying around with you there.

  • Okay

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