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Bad anxiety when waking up


Good morning😊

I always feel really anxious when I wake up in the morning.... and it ruins the rest of my day because then I don't get anything done, just sit around doing nothing but look at my phone....I would love it if anyone would be able to give me advice to keep the anxiety thoughts away, and have motivation to get my day started. I just want to be able to get rid of this anxiety :( five months ago I started getting panic attacks after a reaction to a medicine but have had no previous problems with anxiety.

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I used to wake up with anxiety when I moved to a new house. A brief walk usually helps and then you can work on making walks longer once you've mastered the short walks.

I wake up with anxiety, also. It never goes away. It slowly dissipates through the day. And returns the next day. I think it is a genetic defect.

Walks help me too. But I understand it's the motivation to get up and do. I pray for inner strength to push me. When you don't get up, the feeling can get worst.

I too wake up with anxiety. Try to push through. Tell yourself that just because I feel bad right now, doesnt mean I will feel bad all day. Try to stay positive even when your brain is trying to make you think otherwise. I always tell myself this, God woke me up for a reason today, so Im going to live it no matter how I feel. I know thats easier said than done when somedays you feel like you just cant function.

Oh wow! I think I had one of my first panic attacks after taking a medication as well. That was about 3 years ago. After I got that under control, I started having them regularly when I moved from NJ to Florida (the move was a apparently a trigger). Anyway, I find it fascinating that medication can cause panic attacks. I know for a fact that is what happened with me. I was taking an antibiotic and it made me have one of the worst panic attacks ever. I also, have issues when waking up in the morning. I think that has a lot to do with cortisol being very high in in the a.m.. I have had great success with Phos Serine for keeping my cortisol under control. If you do a google search you can learn all about this. Since taking Phos Serine (it's a supplement) I have experienced a much more peaceful feeling in the mornings and it's much easier to get my day started. Good luck and know you're not alone!

Hi, I also wake up with anxiety and have had it ruin many days. Recently I have been trying to wake up and do something calming immediately to get rid of the nervous energy , i personally do yoga (just in my living room) and it really helps, im sure a walk or anything else that u find relaxing would work too. Hoping you feel better soon, we are here for you :)

When you wake up in the morning, do you just don't feel like getting out for bed because of your worries? Do you feel like shutting down a lot??

Its is so common to wake up with anxiety ( as you can see) but that doesn't make it any better. There must be something about going from the state of sleep to wakefulness that spurs in on. I'm sure a good therapist would know. For me, the worst thing I can do is just lay there feeling anxious. If I have to go to work, it usually goes away pretty quickly when I start getting ready.

I think it's when I dont have anywhere I have to be or anything to do right away that it's the worst. I like the idea of doing some yoga or meditation, or taking a walk.

Last Saturday I took an 8 AM water aerobics class, and I was kind of dreading it because I get up so early during the week. But I found that it started my day off really well, and what's better, I felt really good all day with no anxiety. It was definitely worth getting up early and driving to the Y!

I totally get where you’re coming from...if I dont commitvto something I wint do anything but things around the hiuse. I din’t really go anywhere unless I abolutely need something. How are u doing?

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