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Awareness is cureative

Recently I've been struggling with low self-esteem and what not. It really hit me hard, and I was disspointed that I got to a point that low. I was practicing with self-help for a while, and things got better. But so many years of repressing emotions created this pool of suffering that I became neck deep in. Only lately have I realized the extent of my crippling social anxiety throughout my life. An important thing that I became aware of was the fact that my social anxiety is a direct reflection of how I see myself. When I really look deep within myself, I am my own worst enemy. I criticize every little thing I do, and sometimes I hardly see the point of going on like this. But I know now that the only thing I need is compassion for myself, especially my anxiety. I've spent so much time worrying about getting anxious, that it just got worse. I need to spread love to all of me, only then can things become better.

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I am glad you know it is all from you. Yes, we are our own worst enemy if we allow these illnesses to haunt out lives on every day.

The Bible calls it "renewing your mind" but essentially, we all need to monitor our minds and deal, not bottle, but thoroughly deal with all emotional issues from our past, and our present And this has to be done every day so that anxiety will no longer have a hold and depression will have no way of pushing guilt, shame /unforgiveness, fears, on us.

I like to call the process "self-therapy" because, at the end of the day, all the outside therapy in the world, and all the medications cannot take care of all those for you.

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