Anxiety/Chest,Throat issues

I've suffered from anxiety for a very long time YEARS. I noticed at weird times I get this food anxiety out of no where and I'm dealing with it now! I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and I was taken off my Paxil so I feel like I'm drowning most days in anxiety. Well lately this new thing has been happening when I eat food I feel like the food gets "stuck" in my chest or my throat and I feel like I can't swallow which throws me into an attack. If I do get to finish my food I think I'm choking even after I've already eaten my food! I know this all sounds insane but this is what I've been dealing with. If its not me thinking I can't breathe or dying then its this :( I feel horrible and I just want to feel normal again. When I was on my Paxil I felt sort of normal and was able to get through days without attacks now I'm having attacks multiple times a day :( anyone else go through this or am I really all alone?

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  • Hey there!

    You're definitely NOT alone! Anxiety likes to play tricks on us and is more physical than people realize. This is a symptom of your anxiety and believe it or not is very common. I sometimes get this thought that I'm going to choke on food (esp. if I'm by myself or at a restaurant). Then the thought causes me to overthink and actually makes eating more difficult.

    Same with breathing. I am going through this BIG TIME right now. Feeling like I'm going to stop breathing (which rationally I know doesn't just happen).

    I wish there was something to say or do to help alleviate these feelings but just know that this community is here and you are not "insane" or alone.


  • Thank you for replying! I think just having others say "I'm going through this" makes me feel better because I'm not alone and maybe one day it will get better <3

  • Hi you are certainly not alone I suffered from that and when it happened the panic set in and made it worse I wish I could help you more it is a horrible thing thinking of you all my love

  • Thank you so much <3 yes it sucks big time but I'm glad I'm not alone in all this

  • Hi you are certainly not alone this horrible condition affects people in all different ways and it's alright people saying snap out of it but it is not that easy.hope everything goes well for you and all my love

  • I've learned that eating more slowly helps sometimes. I am usually less than halfway through my food when everyone else is done, but I no longer get the feeling of choking on food. I do get regurgitation and retching due to anxiety, and sometimes Tums helps with that. (I'm pretty sure it's just my brain telling me that I'm being taken care of and that i don't need to be anxious anymore though.)

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