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I've been battling anxiety for the past six months with anti-anxiety medication and tools. I'm tired of fighting this all the time. Just when I think I'm winning it comes back in a different form or shape; either I start feeling sad, lonely, useless,etc. However, two days ago I finally decided to take Prozac, a long term treatment. I just hope this medication will have a longer sustainable efffect, so I can get a break. I have to get well for my two children and wife.

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Keep doing what you can to beat this anxiety, you can do it! ☺ Hopefully the Prozac will help you out. I know anxiety seems like a never ending battle, but you can defeat it 👍 Just keep finding solutions and more helpful tools to help the anxiety. I wish you much luck.


Try not to lose hope. Keep trying to overcome your anxiety. I know anxiety can be of different types and it takes years and years to overcome with it. I think side by side, you should once take consultation regarding your health. The reason you are going through anxiety and depression. Just check it out once here, Hope so it will help you to overcome your problems. And anxiety is not any illness, anxiety is a result of a your behavior. Try to control your anger and stress.


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