I have been worrying every sense I was a little girl. My worrys would be random thoughts or just random things. I have also been quiet and shy. My worries would just go away after awhile. I tend to overthink a lot and worry. I fear I have schizophrenia. Deep down I know I don't but I can overthink myself into thinking I have it. I know I have OCD. I have intrusive thoughts and sometimes haft to do things repeatedly. Please just tell me I'm okay. I know sometimes I zone out from overthinking. When I get online I read all these mental disorders and I think or imagine I have all the symptoms and I worry myself to death.

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  • um... The only one that can help you is a psychiatrist. You should find one and get moving with your life.

  • Oh just came in to reply and they have gone!

  • Please read my post and reach out to me if you need someone to tell you that youre fine. OCD is one thing and not terrible its something you can cope with and may want to get help with. Most people who arr schizophrenic dont think they are. I truly believe you are like me and when you keep thinking something is wrong with you that you bring it to life. I was also shy and quiet all throughout school and really didnt i guess blossom into an individual until i started thinking theres nothing wrong with me im just different and that slowly mended the problem along with trying not to be stressed and positive thinking. I would talk to a friend and trade stories of what i considered my craziness and it was good to hear i wasnt alone and that this wouldnt be forever. Ive been great for about a year now and it just took constantly putting myself in check when i eould start ovethinking. My mom would call it self centered fear. Im here if you ever need someome to tell you youre not crazy or someone to just listen.

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