So none of my friend s know that I have oc d. It's an anxiety disorder so it's also anxiety. My problem is, in a very outgoing person, so I feel that will give much less credibility to the anxiety. I have lots of friends, I'm a sophomore, and I'm only probably gonna tell a few and likely not too soon. everyone who knows me , well or not, gets that I'm very sloppy. Very. I have a pink (brand bookbag, and if you aren't familliar, they are pretty large sized. Along with Cardin a full book bag, I carry around a stack of books with papers everywhere, and oc d stereotypes go against his in just about every way. Anyone have a story, similar or just one of telling

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  • I think I know what you mean, but OCD can be about different types of neatness, like just about germs and not neatness itself. Just the germs on your books and papers. Does that make sense to you? You can spend too much time handwashing and requiring your piece of pizza as ONLY the 1st piece of pizza from a pie that you get for yourself or NONE AT ALL because of people handling the pizza after that but not care how sloppy your books and papers are because they have nothing to do with eating or touching your food.

    Their are all kinds of ways people can be OCD besides being simply neat. It's great that you have a lot of friends and that you want to tell a few of your OCD, but aren't in a hurry. You are exactly right that it's anxiety. It's very treatable anxiety, too. Counseling is advised and medication is possible, too. It depends on you. You should ask your doctor for a recommendation for a counselor and ask other people if they've been given recommendations or if they'd ask their doctors for them. You should get in counseling asap because your anxiety will show the longer you have it. What is the thing that causes you anxiety, if I may ask?

  • Thank you! I am currently attending a private practice, but I've only went around 5 times so far. It's mostly word what make me make certain sounds or do this whole blinking two thing jumping thing but since I'm outgoing kinda a jump a lot for dumb stuff so I dotn get questioned that often I will randomly sing as well and just narrorate stuff because I've just done that for the fun of it, so if I'm making a weird noise I'll just tell people I'm humming and they will just think I'm being me medication hand R been brought up in meetings but I almost want t to because I ant to see if it helps and I know there are likely thousands of spelling errors in this so I hope you can decide it :)

  • Okay, so you can call your doctor's office and say you are ready to begin medication and what's the next step? Probably he/she will have you come in for instructions. And you give it a try! It sounds very good to try it because it's going to get harder to make excuses for blurting out in class and other places, something you've already figured out it seems. Right?

  • I honk it had gotten easier because I have mad things take less time such as whispering things and the social pressure so it's not as bad when I'm around friends but one reason I'd like to tell is because I have band camp and if I do take medication if be nice, good thing about beig a female, to say it's ny time of the month and maybe explain that so its a little less suspicious hat I'm going to the nurses although I don't know if I will tell anyone by then or even take medicine by then but it's be pretty neat to have that bt that's for thee confidence boost on the medication I might mention it because I'd like help even if it's a pair of red slippers and it doesn't do much but I think it is and it helps and I'm good thank you :)

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