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I know that anxiety causes physical symptoms that seem very real when you're experiencing them but then turn out to be just anxiety. But how do you know what is anxiety and what is not? For example, I have been having seasonal allergies (mainly spring) since 2016 (never had them before). I went to an allergist and he said that I'm on the cusp of being considered asthmatic. So when I have trouble breathing I'm not sure if it's allergies or anxiety. Once I start to think about the trouble breathing my anxiety takes over. I have never had an asthma attack and am thinking it's just anxiety but wondered if there's a way to be sure.

Any advice? I can go back to the allergist and do more testing I guess but wanted to save the visit if possible. Thanks!!

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  • If you can wait it out, spring will pass and you will know that your allergy symptoms aren't due to spring allergies after that if you still have symptoms. You can watch the allergen levels for spring in the news either in the newspaper or online. This is far more economical than to get ambiguous testing on an allergic testing panel at a doctor's office where you can spend a small fortune for allergy testing and still be uncertain of your results. This testing can also get quite expensive.

    After the testing you sometimes have the option of getting injections regularly to desensitize you to the very things that you're allergic to. I gave one of my sons injections as a child to all of the environmental things he tested allergic to as a child. It took months to complete the injection schedule. I can't be certain if he gained anything from this process, as he continued to have deep purple allergic circles under his eyes and to have to watch and limit his diet for certain items, like dairy. He has to take lactaid pills before he consumes milk products. So of what benefit was all of the testing and the injections? I'd love to know.

  • Maybe try just getting an asthma test. I don't think they are as expensive. Or make a diary of how you feel after a panic attack and how you feel after a good run. I know for me there is a big difference. During a panic attack, I feel depleted, exhausted, and just mentally drained. After jogging or heavy excersizing, my chest is extremely heavy, I'm sweating and water and rest help to calm me down within minutes. Hope this helps.

  • I've discovered recently that my Anxiety/ Panic attaches might be the cause of other issues with my health. I am slowly getting my GAD under control with the help of a Therapist, and In retrospect I believe it could have been the cause of other Health issues. Hope this helps🌺

  • Thanks for the responses I think I'm going to try some over the counter allergy meds. I'm pretty sure it's panic that's causing the feeling of difficulty breathing because I had a horrible panic attack while driving yesterday feeling like I couldn't breathe but felt relief when I took a Xanax.

    When I worked out last night and got my heart rate up rowing it felt harder to breathe but I think from exertion.

  • Feeling like you can't breathe properly is the absolute worst. I struggle with this often. But remembering that it always passes can sometimes help. Once I become aware of my breathing, I get so uncomfortable and when I'm fully absorbed in something else, it's not usually a problem. So that tells me it's totally anxiety related even when I feel frightened that it's something really serious. I hope you feel at ease from it all soon.x

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