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Need advice before it's to late

Hi I have had a mental breakdown about a month ago..I've lost a aunt and uncle as well as my Dad getting close to leaving and my Mom was diagnosed with heart disease all this year. Also I've always loved my job. I've been there 11 years. About 2 years I had a manager transferred as my supervisor who I have prior problems at prior location. I tried to ignore her being that she has shared she is bi-polar. But every turn she tries to write me up. Gives me less help to do my job. There is so much more. Now I find myself having trouble breathing at work as well as locking myself in the restroom crying. Also recently I've started to have suicidal thought. Guess I'm just reaching out for advice?

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My heart goes out to you. As a retired teacher, during my last 5 years of teaching with at risk students I was teamed with a woman who hated me with all she had. She was not subtle about the dislike and prejudice (i am white) and your life right now sounds exactly like mine did. Can you find another person to work with (I couldn't); can you transfer (I couldn't). Is there a person at your workplace that you trust fully to share your situation and give you moral support, someone you can turn to in times when it gets totally unbearable. I am sorry i don't have more concrete advice to give to you, but i have been there and survived by retiring early. I try to think about this when there are people so mean and cruel to me out there: "What goes round, comes round." Love yourself and know that others love you and support you. You are NOT alone.

Most sincerely, pat


Hi this is awful and I have been where you are. The best thing to do is keep notes of what was said, when it was said and most importantly how it made you feel.

Then when you have enough evidence take it to someone over her head and put a complaint in. It is against the law to bully you whilst at work and it will be sorted out if you follow the correct procedure.


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