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Pain & anxiety😰

Hey guys I'm back again,

Thank you to everyone who shared in the previous post!

Right now I'm starting to panic a bit because I'm getting aches and pains and I also keep feeling pain in my chest which makes me think the worst possible thing is about to happen but I know I'm fine, anyone else feel the same or had a similar experience please share it would make me feel better to hear that someone is having a similar experience right now!

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Offer advice, be encouraging and don't scold. We don't like ourselves as I'd.


I already take medication for my anxiety and depression. Because knowing that I'm not the only one feeling this way reassures me that this is all part of my condition.

I asked if anyone else felt the same or had a similar experience to please share I didn't ask to be lectured about my anxiety.


I don't think that is a good way of understanding your own body's reaction to the condition.

For example, two different individuals both diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and both experiencing some level of extreme fatigue, can't necessarily conclude that they suffer the same things. It is possible that the one suffers from extreme fatigue due to having hypothyrodism, whereas the other indeed suffers extreme fatigue due in fact to depression.

No two people are the same!


I'm aware of that, that's why I'm in the group that's labeled ANXIETY & DEPRESSION.


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