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My anxiety is NOT general

It feeds on a deep level of insecurity. Simply, I am not good enough. It stems from my dad who I felt only loved me when I met his standards. I was to going to realize that I needed to find my own self worth. Now, every boss I have ever had automatically plays the role of my father and I go into the I am not good enough anxiety spell. My point, i think we all have underlying issues that creates are anxiety and the solution is therapy along with the meds. My meds help me enough that I am able to get to therapy. My meds are not the answer. I hope this helps someone.

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Not everyone out there carries around issues. There are those who have learned to examine their minds on a regular day, pick out the potential issues and deal with them right there and then. Kind of like how you brush your teeth every day, it is also a good idea to floss your mind before you start each day so that issues from the past don't hunt your present.

In fact, I think everyone suffering one mental illness or another ought to perform that check on a daily basis to free the mind of potential mines that could essentially ruin the day. The last thing one needs is to have his/her unresolved "daddy issues" erupting right in the middle of an important conversation or presentation.


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