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Things couldn't get worse

I've been dealing with my depression going on curves for a couple of months now, things start to look up and then just crash down. Dealing with a stalker, dealing with weight gain, work issues, and then losing my dog whom was my stress relief and help with my depression has been so hard. Add to that my ex posting about how he hopes I'm dead or committed suicide and it just tops it all off.... I don't feel like talking to my family about it anymore, they told me to ignore it but they are sending me this shit.... I've already talked to cops about it.... then this weight gain because of the stress and being bullied for it again I just can't. I have always wanted to be smaller not for size but for health reasons and I am so at a loss right now with my life... it's just so hard I'm sorry I just needed to rant somewhere

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Hello Fuzzypanda,

This forum is the place for rants so go right ahead.

The thing I highlighted in your text was that you need an alternative sounding board to your family who don't get your situation. Please see your doctor as the first person to talk to. The doctor will work with you to come up with a treatment plan to address your worsening depression and even the weight gain (mine recommended walking for 30 minutes a day and a consult with a dietician as my eating was bad as well). You have a lot to talk about so book a long appointment so that you are not rushed and maybe write a few notes to remind you of the important points.

If you are still working, your employer might have an EAP (employee assistance program) which you can access for some confidential talk therapy. EAP can usually give you an appointment within 24-48 hours and is costs are zero to not a lot per session.


Hi Fuzzypandaxx,

You sure have had a lot of stressful things going on at the same time! Any one thing would have been stressful all by itself, but then you add each thing on top of the rest and you have a tremendous amount of problems and stress and just as you have said, you lost your stress relief when you lost your dog. You need a new way to relieve stress!

Please don't apologize for venting! That's what we're here for! This is a safe place for you to come and get some stress relief! Have you thought about getting another dog? When you're ready? It may be just the right thing for you, even though it will never replace the dog you lost, it will be helpful for your stress levels.

Are you getting any counseling? You seem to need it very badly. You're getting so much happening so fast, it's hard to sort it out. Counseling would really help. Are you on any medication for your depression? Please get back to me if you want to and we can talk some more. Don't be afraid to vent if you need to, okay? Take care!

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There is really no need to suffer needlessly. If you want to have a better quality of life, I suggest you go visit a psychiatrist/neuro-psychiatrist, who is willing to work with you in getting on a treatment plan.

Depression and all the baggage it comes with does not yet have a cure, so you need to be open to being monitored every month at most to gauge your progress and adjust your medications, if needed.


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