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Feeing out of control

Hi, I'm new to here. I've dealt with anxiety and depression for a while now but only recently coming to realize it and start to accept it. Over the last few months and even days it's gotten worse seemingly for no reason. It feels easier just to give up than go on.. One of the worst parts about it all is how unpredictable it is. Sometimes I feel totally fine and then it's like flipping a switch out of nowhere. I'm not on any medication and don't want to have to go down that route but am starting to wonder if that may help. I know friends who've been on antidepressants and it seems that that can sometimes make things much worse. I don't want to have to feel like i depend on medication to help me feel normal and can't get off it. I also don't want it to have adverse effects and make me feel worse than I already do.

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I would never have gotten to feeling so good and functioning so very well without medication for 29 years. I have no choice. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds plus sometimes a mood stabilizer. In the last year I've taken myself off of my benzodiazepine. My doctor knows about that, plus I'm on an SNRI + Seroquel/quetiapine + Depakote due to side effects but neither of the last 2 are acceptable due to side effects so I'll be going off both of those last 2 and trying something else. I have atypical depression that seems to require both a SSRI or SSNRI or SNRI and a mood stabilizer and GAD which doesn't require a benzo anymore.

I depend on meds and I simply accept that. I believe pharmacies are here to stay. Should they vanish, I'll deal with that then.


GAD Without medication? 🤓 I don't know about that.

I would like to take this chance to share an experience of mine.

As a teenager, i battled with serious acne issues. I used every kind of acne wonder i found at store to help with the problem but none of them seemed to do this trick. I hated walking around with bumps and sores all over my face but this was in the days before proactiv and others like it.

So here i was in my twenties and it began to seem that i would get a pimple everytime i felt stressed. You can imagine how ugly i felt too. Anyways, I did some research and turns out there was medication that could in fact help get of all the acne issues. But on so many forums online, i found posts about Accutane being dangerous, and how it can cause one to commit suicide.

I read up on some of those cases too to find out if there was any particular reason why those users were affected in such a way but found no pattern.

Here I was with a face full of acne and painful kind too. I made the decision to not base my decision on opinions and problems others have had with it. This was medication here that could potentially help improve myself esteem. So i went to the dermatologist and We discussed my concerns and she informed me that patients in.general ought to inform their doctor's immediately they notice these thoughts of suicide. However many never do and that is why there are the many horror stories out there about Accutane.

So i agreed to have her put me on it, and you know what? My experience was completely different. Not only did the medication treat my acne issues,it also boosted my mood and reduced my depression by acting as a stimulant of sorts. Not once did I have any thoughts of suicide --nah, I felt too good to want to even think that. I kept my appointment with my doctor until the treatment period was over.

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