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Anxiety out of control


I moved 2 yrs ago and it triggered my abandoned issues from the death of my mom at the age of 9.

My dad wasn't equipped to help me. I coped by being super busy. I lost my job because i used up all my sick days. There is no distraction where I live. To make matters worse we have to move Nov 1. I'm seeing a psychiatrist. I.cslled him last week 2 times last week but he didn't return my phone calls. I need a med that is going to the edge off of my anxiety. I've been on so many drugs. I've been in intensive outpatient programs, hospitalized. Tried cbd oil didn't work i wish I could go to sleep and not wake up. I am desperate for some help

My therapist doesn't return my calls. Deep breathing doesn't do sh*t for me.

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Sorry you're going through hard time. I went through the same today but now after taking fluoxetine tab I'm better off

I am so sorry. I do understand. It may be time to get a new therapist if you can't get ahold of your current one and if you are having an increase in your symptoms.

If you need to talk to a counselor a good resource is 1-855-771-HELP. You may have to leave a message but they will return your call and may be a great comfort. They can supply some good resources for you.

I pray that you find some help soon and if you would like some other resources please let me know.

Can you discover a new passion to throw yourself into? This has helped me on the good days.

Best wishes!

Called the number. It could take up to 2 days to get a call back

But they will call back and thank you for letting me know. I am not a professional at all but if you just need an ear let me know!

My anxiety is so bad I'm having problems functioning

I understand completely. Anxiety has held me in my home in the past.

I had a friend pray with me about fear and anxiety. She overcame by pushing through and doing anyway while speaking life truths even though her body was rebelling against her. She spoke: "I am more than enough.. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Ect..."

I am going to try being consistent in that!

Outloud speaking against that fear. Telling my body to function the way it was created to. I don't know if it is available where you are at, but we use Calms Forte for anxiety and rest. All natural in the sleep aid area at our local grocery store. I speak peace to your heart!!!

How are you doing today? Did that number ever call you back?

Thinking about you.


I lost my mom at age 10. I know your feelings and experience. Big hug.

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Having no memories is really hard. Moving was a big mistake

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It happened to me too. But your memories are all inside of you, wherever you go, even those forgotten ones in a “drawer” in your mind and heart. She will always be close to you. ❤️

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