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It's so hard just to go out the door or get things done

For the first time in two years I got my hair cut at a salon. I limmit social events because even when I enjoy them they leave me drained. The next day is always hard with a lot of anxiety. Even at home I have trouble doing things I like to do such as needlepoint. Some days the anxiety just goes on and on. I try the recommended solutions yoga, meditation, exercise etc. but if they work it's only momentary. I'm on Zoloft and buspar which seem to help with the depression but do little for the anxiety .

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I get it. I have days when I only wear shoes that don't need to be tied because I can't deal with shoelaces. Glad to hear you were able to leave your house and do something for yourself.


I know that people often times don't want to hear or have already tried this before but...have you tried talking to your doctor about a different medication? Have you tracked to figure out when your anxiety is higher? I'm doing this now and am finding some patterns. I won't lie and say that every day is easy but by tracking I'm hoping to find a medication and plan that works for me.

Celebrate the times that you are able to go out of your comfort zone, even if it's for an hour or so! You can do this!


I know what you mean buy not wanting to go out the door get things done. I want to start so many things but some how never get started I find peace and quiet a safe place for me. It is hard for me to go to work sometimes. I tried meds but I took myself of them because I don't want to be depend on them for the rest of my life not sure they're working anyway


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