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I haven't posted in months but I read posts a lot. I'm still around. Still struggling with anxiety. It's been more depression than anxiety lately. I think the last time I posted it was about church giving me anxiety. I've stopped going. It just wasn't worth it any more. I'm glad I finally got the courage to do it.

Anyway back to the point of my post. Back in November I spilled boiling water on my foot and ended up with a couple pretty nasty 2nd degree burns. I was terrified it would get infected. The whole situation just terrified me for some reason. We are talking me sitting on the toilet before the first bandage change having a panic attack. But I battled through it and the burns healed without issue. I hoped as time when on I'd think about it less. But that hasn't happened.

I love to cook and now any time I cook have these crazy thoughts. It's like I'm seeing a flash back but it's things that have never happened. For example, the other day I was pulling something out of the oven and all of sudden saw a vision in my head of me dropping the pan on my feet. It's so annoying and scary. I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about this because they'd think I was completely out of my mind or something.

I don't really know what my point in writing this is. I guess I just wanted to tell someone that this is going on.

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  • I like to fry fish or chicken from time to time. But back when i was a kid, while frying some pieces of chicken, some of the hot oil splashed on me. I was lucky that the damage done was minimal but the horror and the pain, i have never been able to forget to this day. As a result, everytime I prepare to do some frying, i always, always take precautions. I make sure there is water close by to immediately cool any splashes with, i also make certain I use a deep enough pan so as avoid splashing in the first place. And i also try to stand as far away from the stove as i possibly can. I use a long handle fork and sieve and I also make certain that I one comes in to the kitchen area while i am working.

    rather than letting the fear paralyse me, I instead chose to use it to develop more cautious ways of doing what i love while still enjoying my life. My point is, there are two ways we can react to our fears - we can let it cripple our lives or we can use it to our benefit.

    i think what you ought to do is learn the lesson that may be contained in your experience and fear and put the knowledge towards improving your present. Don't let fear rule you! You ought to rule your fears, no matter what they may be. That is the way you keep anxiety from controlling your life.

  • Oh yeah, it's certainly changed the way I view cooking and I definitely take more precautions. I agree you can't let the fears win!

  • I'm sorry you got hurt. Wish I had great words of wisdom. But all I can say is your not alone I have many fears that are loopy to say the least, if I can I try to turn my fear fantasies into something where I come out on top or overcome. Sounds sick 😧but helps me

  • I try to do that too.

  • Yes, I agree with this general idea of taking the scary image of getting something like a burn and turning it into better safety precautions while cooking. I get a scary picture in my mind which I then put a safe picture over, so that I see only a safe picture. That way I'm controlling what I see in my mind.

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