its been awhile

its being awhile i havent posted due to studying for final exams. i am falling apart i stop having the nightmare not really panicking again like one time, but i do get anxious at times. reason i say i am falling apart is that the one person i could resort to my bf i have become so moody towards him, i snap at it him, i am so angry and bitter on the inside i get upset at him for the least little things. i wanted my break through but is treating the person you love and has always been their for you through all the attacks, counselling, following you home cause your home is a trigger right. idk where this mood came from. i want him around me but as soon as he does something mild i snap........i just want to get better and be myself. when is not one thing is the other i am fed up................

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  • go see your psychiatrist/ psychologist.

    In all honestly, in my mind, i believe that all persons with a mental illness are on a journey of self-discovery and not until we figure ourselves out completely will we be able to live a peaceful existence with self and those around us.

    It is pity you are joggling a relationship as well while working on yourself. Try to examine yourself through self-therapy to.understand the root cause of the bitterness/ anger/ irritation etc, so you can begin to deal and heal from that.

    if it is a side effect of some medication you are taking, then please work with your psychiatrist to make proper adjustments.

    these emotions don't exist in a void. There is typically some root cause and to get good at figuring out where it is coming from, you need to work on self-therapy skills cause those are by far the most valuable way to identify changes quickly and also figure out the possible source of the frustration.

  • i dont take medication because its not severe and i am not having frequent panic attacks they are limited to like one or twice a month but sometimes i might get anxious................

  • then try to engage in some self-therapy to better understand your anxiety and the source of those emotions.

    Talk this problem out with your own self and dig deep to get to the root of it all. Don't be ashamed that people will wonder if you're mad talking to yourself as even the brightest and the best out there do it.

  • ok thanks

  • today is my final exam... tomorrow i seeing my psychiatrist

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