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Blood pressure spikes and Anxiety

Hi, I am new today to the group and I have GAD and am on Buspar ( 30 mg per day) My main issue seems to be very serious anxiety when I take my blood pressure. Some times at home it can get very high when I am nervous and then sky rockets until I take a Xanax. I cannot get a normal reading at all at my doctors office and last week it was 198/90. I explain that I get nervous but the new health care rules make me come into the office and have it taken in her setting. She now has referred me to a cardiologist and feels I should be on Lexapro. I am on three blood pressure medicines and when I am calm at home I can get mostly normal readings. Today I am relaxing as best I can and getting good readings. 130/80 and 123/78. I am 61 old female and the sight of a blood pressure cuff just send me over the cliff. I try deep breathing at the doctors office and it does not help. I have to convince myself that for the most part my blood pressure is ok. My threapist says to do hard exercise and meditation and don't take my BP often. My primary care doctor feels I can have a stroke or heart attack if I don't get this down. I am at a loss. Anyone else experience panic or anxiety when taking blood pressure? Thanks

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HI did you say that you are on Buspar-they are off-the-label rubbish. they didnt work for me.

amitriptyline would be better. hard exercise is a a-no-no.

I dont take me BP tho have been offered to take the machine home- I would not get any sleep and thats not good for BP.

I have just been diagnosed with under active thyroid so that is the problem now.

The best thing is to try and relax have you any hobbies that are relaxing, like picture painting etc.

very Best Wishes


Thanks for your reply. I am trying lots of hobbies and things to distract me. I have read that exercise is good but I don't think hard is good with aniexty. Trying yoga and meditation too. My thyroid is fine. I have a doctor who does not understand aniexty. Good luck to you.


Hi there,

I just wanted you to know that I experience exactly the same thing you do so please know you are not alone. Going to any kind of doctor stresses me out and that damn cuff significantly increases my anxiety too. My doctor told me about the White Coat Syndrome where the BP is artificially elevated when we see a doctor. For me, this is absolutely true.


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