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I'm new to this but not to depression, anxiety and ocd. Am on medication which helps with the depression but isn't very useful for the other. Have tried therapy but really can't say it helped. Therapists always ask what were you thinking when you felt the anxiety, fear, panic attack. Problem is it all just seems to happen no matter what if anything is running through my brain.

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you are not alone in your struggles. Therapy is not for everyone especially when you have no triggers to speak of. However, what it does mean is that you can focus your mind 100% on some self-therapy to help you better identify when a panic attack or depression episode is coming on. This is so you can take the right medication to help avoid or reduce the impact.

find a good neuropsychiatrist and start working with your psychiatrist(doing a little research of your own always helps too) to put together the right medications for you and make sure to update the psychiatrist on a regular basis of your status and whatever problems you run into as well.


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