I decided to sign up for support after seeing an video ad on Facebook. I am a 21 year-old female with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and also struggle with depression. I often am in and out of depressive states and feelings of despair. I often worry about being alone forever, never graduating college, and things that are out of my control. I literally worry about EVERYTHING. I have not had a relationship with my Father in at least six years. I tried seeking a relationship as a now adult with him but he ignored my message and left it on "seen." Much of the turmoil and belittlement I faced when with him has caused a great deal of self esteem issues over the years. Sometimes I wonder why I tried at all. I also as of August got out of an abusive relationship in which I was isolated from my friends and family. Often my partner used to use my "daddy issues" as a basis for my apparent overreactions to his constant put downs and aggressions. My partner stalked me for months afterwards and even bothered my roommate. Overall, I have had a hard time coping with feelings of rejection and trying not to play over and over in my head the negative remarks that were always made towards me. Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping because I am afraid my former partner will come to my home and hurt or harass me. Sometimes I catch myself believing I am unlovable and flawed--undeserving of love.

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  • Hello 21 year old ADew, I am 70 year old Pam. I hope you will really work on your relationship issues and not have to live with them as long as I did. I find it interesting that we go from one abusive relationship to another. Instead of looking for someone better we head to what is comfortable to us , and of course the blame or fault belongs to us. I think it helps if in the beginning of a new relationship you think'now , what can you do for me' instead of ' what can I do for you' It sounds selfish but you need to be for awhile. Second guessing myself is something I just don't allow myself to do anymore. I used to go over entire phone conversations criticizing myself Very boring. I think your former partner sounds a little scary, and I urge you to be careful If you notice any thing at all keep a record and report to police. You are not the nut in this case, and believe me I know nuts. Pam

  • Thank you so much for your support Pam. I do the same self critical behaviors. I will take your advice in thinking of myself a bit more which I find hard to do. It feels good knowing I am not alone and going crazy.


  • Can you find a group for women who are in abusive relationships? This can be very helpful and supportive for you. You are not alone in dealing with these issues.

  • I don't know where to go and am embarassed to admit anything has happened. I am no longer in the relationship and in a new one.

  • You can ask the police about victims support group for domestic violence.

  • Thank you

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