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Has anyone taken "Celexa" I was perscribed that but havent taken it yet, it is a very low does to start 10 is for my Anxiety... Im always afraid to take new things as ive heard you have to go through many to find the right one and feel like crap on alot or most of them till you find the right one....any one had experience with this one?

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Hello. Good morning. It's morning where I live.

I'm not going to be much help regarding the use of the specific medication you were prescribed, so as you mentioned, there are a number of anxiety relief medications on the market and I haven't used one with that name.

However, since others have not yet replied to your post, I wanted to reassure you they most likely will be.

Mean while, I applaud you in knowing that it may take trying several meds before one that is the most effective for you. It is a search and trial approach often because we are such remarkably different people and have different chemisty. Our bodies, including our brains, are "very high tech" and it takes patience to find the right mix that helps each one of us.

So, you are aware, even if you don't like the search, that search going to be a possibility for you. Just try one med rx for a length of time for it to take effect before giving up on it, however tempting that may be.

I've gone through this process, so know how tedious it can be. I wish you the best and reassured you many of us know your concerns, and are in your corner if you need to "talk". :)


I think I am on the generic of this (Citalopram). It does help me a lot. I've been on this since July or August of 2013. I still have symptoms; I do not think any meds totally cure, but they surely make it much better than without meds. Hope this helps.

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I was on the generic version for a while. I had a good experience with it. In my experience, any medication needs to be but needed to supplemented with talk therapy and other coping mechanisms. Like you said every person is different and unfortunately it takes trial and error to find the right medication/dose. Good luck!

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Hi rippi,

I was prescribed Celexa for anxiety and unfortunately I didn't notice any difference and I was also prescribed 10 mg. I don't like taking medication so I never requested another refill.

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Thanks for the info the shrink said with 10 mg's I prob wouldnt notice a difference but prob it is to get your body use to the med and then get a higher dose. I hate taking these med's too so ive been waiting and using the tranquilizer for now for a short time then will ween off and hope it goes away, if not then will try the Celexa, for the month and then maybe try the higher dose and see what happens...


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