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I'm 21 and I have been dealing with my anxiety for three years. I don't have very good coping skills, so my go to response for stress is to retreat from the world. The hard part is that I don't always realize I've fallen back into bad habits until my anxiety has a solid hold on my life again. I want to find healthy ways to manage my stress; I just don't know how.

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Retreating from the world is not a good way to deal with anxiety. You need to learn to talk it out with people. A lot of times we get stuck in our heads and find no way out. But if you air it out here in this forum, find a few good friends, or a good therapist, you can often solve the problem. Also exercising helps a lots. Find a good exercise routine you like, and pump out the anxiety energy. Hope this helps. If you want to talk, you can call me at 347-732-1086.


Are you getting help? I hope you are not trying to go it alone. I had the same issue at your age, but I didn't get help for over 20 years. What a difference when I finally got help.. my whole world changed for the better. Please don't go it alone.. you have an illness as real as diabetes or the flu. I will pray that you will reach out for treatment....

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