Newbie here... helpless & afraid

I don't cry often but today I felt a rage of emotions that I wasn't able control. I've been through hell these past few months (the loss of my father, marital problems, the loss of my 4 month pregnancy, having to stop my meds, having to resign from my teaching position) At first I blamed it on the withdrawl symptoms of having left my meds because I got pregnant and being hormonal. My depression levels and anxiety has been taking a toll on my life. Today I left the house thinking I'd feel better and ended up in my car on a store parking lot for what it felt like 2 hrs trying to fight my anxiety. Looking for answers, I came across this site.

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  • Honestly you need to just let yourself work through this. I'm so sorry you had to go through so much at one time and I can't tell you I know how it feels because I haven't been in that situation. Others on here may have but I haven't. I understand the pain of losing a family member though and it takes time to heal. I personally write everything down it helps me release all the feelings inside I have pent up. I also take car rides as well and just park and relax for a while, clear my head and get away from everyone and everything. For some talking to others about things helps as well, just tell them you need them to listen and that's it. Also another personal thing for me is my animals help calm me very much as well. I hope this site can bring you some clarity and help

  • Thank you. I appreciate the time you took to write back. It mean a lot.

  • Hi I am telling telling every one that - GOD IS THE ANSWER :)



  • Thank you. I'm such a believer but this depression and anxiety has pulled me away from him. I'm so busy thinking about how horrible I feel that I forget He has control of all things and that I should trust He will heal me soon.

  • Hi yes these are the times when we need others to pray for us-DONT let the Enemy get a foot- hold : He loves it when we are poorley-just pray a little anyway; it really makes the Enemy back-of ! :) xxx

  • I know this post is about 3 months old however, i just wanted to say that i will pray for you. I lost 2 little boys at around 17 weeks and it was extremely painful and depressing and I still hurt over it. I have been set back a couple decades emotionally it seems from my mental health issues. i want to be successful and triumph over this! It seems as though you are wanting the same things and to over come the obstacles that life has thrown your way. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here. :)

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