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Anxiety make you sick?


Lately my anxiety has been making me feel super nauseated all the time, is that normal? Like when I start to freak out or think about something that is stressing me out I just want to throw up

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Hey there, that's been happening to me, too. You might feel a little better if you understand why we feel this way. See, anxiety causes a lot of stress hormones to flow freely, and these steroid hormones cause some things to get less energy and blood (GI tract) so other things can have more (heart, lungs). The reasoning behind this is that your body interprets all stress as a physical threat, and so it's prepared to run away from that physical threat. You might feel nauseous because your stomach is getting ready to give up lunch in favor of "escaping" what's currently stressing you out.

I'm sorry that you feel this way right now, but you're not alone! When I can't do anything else because the anxiety is so great, I just find a space to be alone, even if it's a bathroom, and breathe. Try to breathe 4-5-4; in to a count of 4, hold for 5, and out for a count of 4. To be honest, I haven't found anything to help me out of that place either, so I wish I had more to tell you. Wishing us both more luck there!

Your advice makes me want to try this, thank you

That actually is good advice to practice breathing when stressed. I took up yoga to help with this to and it's helped quite a bit

I've been feeling the same way,everything seems out of control.

YES That is happening to me as well. Like an electrical storm in the core of my chest. It is a truly awful feeling, isn't it?!? I am so sorry I have no advice now. Knowing others get this actually helps a bit, so I thought I would let you know. Hope you are feeling better.

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