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I’m sick but thinking of you guys 💜


Hey everyone I was doing good. I was getting into the routine of actually leaving the house everyday for my TMS Treatments. I was feeling more upbeat. One of my favorite things is to read your posts and try and help since you guys are always there for me. I got very sick on Thursday with bronchitis causing me to miss my TMS sessions and going into that very deep blah feeling of depression. I just want you to know I’m a little out of sorts. But I’m thinking about my good friends on here. I hope you’re all doing well. Lots of love ❤️

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I’m so sorry you’re sick, love. I’m still under the weather from getting my wisdom teeth removed & my anxiety is through the roof today. I am on edge very badly & feel like crying. I am currently on the couch watching the voice from last night & trying to calm myself down. I’m here for you. Love you & lots of hugs. <3

MariaLove123 in reply to Hidden

Can you just come over and be miserable with me 😥 lol. Thanks for your response girl. So sweet. I hope you feel better too. Hugs and love 🤗❤️

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I’d totally come over & be miserable with you. It’s the worst ever. 😩😩

maria ! u must get yourself well again ! get well soon !

Thanks Peter I appreciate it 🙏🏼

u are very welcome !

Hi Maria, I'm so sorry that you got sick with bronchitis. Maybe the best thing to do for now is just take good care of yourself so you can feel better on all ends. Glad you reached out because we care! 💗

Thanks ☺️ I’m actually feeling better today. The sun is out and my TMS session went great. Now I wanna be here for you guys. Hope you’re doing ok ❤️

Tons of hugs! Feel better soon.

Thanks Michael 🤗

your one of my very bestest buddies here my friend and I hope you get better soon as this winter is coming on fast....tea, honey, soup, blankey, favortie pillow, as your kitty if you have one or pup in the bed for comfort, mine is here actually snoring...yes my cat snores.....and lots and lots of sleep women.....

My cat snores too haha 😂That’s so funny! You’re one of my bestest buddies too. I just love you ❤️ Thanks for always being there for me. I am definitely living on tea and soup. I’m feeling better today. Yay! Xoxo 😘

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