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Physical symptoms from anxiety?

Hi, I am new here. I have been struggling with severe anxiety for the past 7 months since starting grad school. I have suffered from panic attacks as well as night terrors occasionally. At first I was prescribed Trintelix, when that did not work I switched to Cymbalta 30 mg which seemed to be working until a month ago. I now feel like my anxiety is at an all time high. My night terrors have returned and now I am starting to get physical symptoms such as extreme nausea, headaches, sweating, hands trembling, dizziness, the feeling of not being in my own body, and the worst of all food aversions - I went to the doctor thinking I was sick and he said it's most likely anxiety induced. The food aversions are progressively getting worse - at first it was just no meat as the thought made me sick, now I am repulsed at the smell and sight of almost all food minus a few things I regularly eat. Has anyone had anything like this before? I just want to feel healthy in my own body again, any suggestions will help.

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I wake up every morning like this 😰😰😰

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have you found anything that helps? starting to get desperate

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I feel it gets a little better as day goes on but I feel like dying in am

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mine is always the worst at night but I feel this way all day - or when my anxiety is at its peak the symptoms get worse.

Hi friend, I have not experienced this but I am sorry that you have. I definitely believe that symptoms develop from negative emotions because of how complex our bodies are. Have you spoken with a closed love one about this? Maybe, talking it out will help you find the root cause of the anxiety. I am praying for healing over your mind and body in Jesus' Name.

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It's crazy the things our body can do. I am meeting with my psychiatrist this weekend so hopefully that can shed some light on the way I have been feeling. Thank you for reaching out and for the prayers it definitely goes a long way when you're feeling this down, alone, and helpless.

Hi beachbubble,

So sorry you are struggling. Very glad you saw the doc and it's great that you will see the psychiatrist.

I recommend therapy! Therapy can work wonders. It can take some time so it's a commitment, but truly a big help for what you are experiencing.

The other thing I suggest is taking a look at my profile where I have my favorite resources for anxiety. You will see Claire Weekes' resources there- and you will see her name around this site a lot. She was a brilliant, anxiety guru :)

Lastly- eat. Eat the foods that gross you out even though they are making you feel anxious/grossed-out. You will learn in therapy that this is just one of the approaches to healing- the things that make you anxious, you must do. Some of these things can be approached slowly and gently, but nutrition is fundamental and crucial and you need to eat. Also, drink some protein shakes and other calorie-dense foods just to get your calories and nutrition status up 👍🏻

Lastly, hang in there :) You are on a journey that will teach you so much about yourself and about life, and recovery is available to anyone and everyone.

I just joined this site and posted about similar symptoms. How are you now?

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