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This is going to sound totally strange probably but here it goes.

So I've posted on here once before about my anxiety. I actually had a good couple of months since then. But a few weeks ago as it often does the anxiety started getting worse again.

Then there was a family emergency a couple of weeks ago and a bunch of a family drama in the midst of dealing with that emergency and then a week ago tonight my mom and I came down with a horrible stomach virus. I've always had a strange phobia of stomach viruses and the symptoms that go along with that(honestly I think it's probably because of the way my mom always reacted to stomach viruses when I was a kid but that's a story for another day). So this made my anxiety even worse. I finally got to feeling better Friday and thought I was over it and then Sunday night it hit again even harder. Now I am having constant anxiety and worrying about it coming back again. I've sprayed Lysol on everything I could think of and wiped everything I could think of with Lysol wipes. I washed my sheets, blankets, pillow cases, and the clothes I wore Sunday. I've washed my hands so much they are raw and still I'm laying here now trying to stop a panic attack!

So does being sick cause anyone else great anxiety or am I alone? What do you do to deal with it, if it does?

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You are not alone. I have IBS so my system is never normal. Stomach bugs always hit me twice as hard as anyone else because I go into panic mode once i hit the toilet(I will leave it at that, read into it or dont). I wont even get a suggested colonoscopy because they are basically forcing me to have a stomach virus, at least in my head... and i know what it will do to me.

Its good that you wiped everything down but in the end it is airborn as well. I hardly leave my house and I still get it. Washing your hands is good, dont let it become OCD though. You cant stop a micro organism from getting in your personal space unless you are in some filtered air clean room at the hospital. i use the lysol wipes once a day to wipe down door knobs, my mouse, remotes and anything i or anyone else touches on a day to day basis and I still end up getting it again just like you(I only do that after i get it the first time and normal cleaning).

If your anything like me, getting some food back in your stomach and tract will help. White bread toasted, unsweetened applesauce, real ginger tea or small doses of ginger supplements or ginger ale stirred so the carbon bubbles are gone, white rice and bananas. The BRAT diet with ginger added as it does calm the belly settles my stomach and helps with the nerves.

Best of luck. Just remember, it is only temporary. It will pass. Try some guided meditation on youtube, just type in "guided meditation".


Thanks. I also have IBS so I think that plays into it also. Like you said, it makes it worse. I'm feeling a little less anxious today and physically feeling much better today.


Also, be careful with the hand-washing. I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes that can do more harm than good. I know the act of washing your hands provides some temporary relief, but if you over-do it, you could really dry out your hands, especially this time of year. Make sure you use some lotion or something, especially if your hands are already raw.

Other than that, take a deep breath, and try to remind yourself that viruses only live for so long outside of your body, so after a point, there won't be any left to catch from your previous illness. On top of that, when you are sick, your body works hard to create antibodies specifically designed to prevent that particular virus from wreaking havoc on you again once the illness has run it's course. So defintely take comfort in knowing that biology is on your side here. Until then keep hydrated and eat light things, like Quagmir suggested.

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Thanks. I've been tying to wash my hands less and lotion more. I've feeling a little bit less anxious today and physically feeling a lot better.


Hydrate. Yes. I forgot to say that. That is a top priority. Even if you can only sip on water, you must take in fluids.

Glad you are doing better. I have had it 3 times this year already. I hope i am done with it.


That's how my anxiety started. It's called emetaphobia fear of vomiting. I have that phobia too not as bad as when I was a kid.


Thank you. I figured it had a name but I had never looked it up. Mine is not as bad as when I was a kid either.


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