Anxiety gets worse at night..

How do you all cope with anxiety at night? It seems that mine always gets worse at night when i'm in bed. I'm constantly on FaceTime with my best friend, which helps a lot but at the same time I can't alway rely on someone else to help me feel better. I feel like almost every single night I have a panic attack and I feel like I'm dying. Most of my anxiety comes from my health. I've had so many tests done on my heart and my brain and many blood tests. Things come back normal but I still question whether or not I am going to be okay. Heart attacks, strokes, and fainting are my biggest worries. I am so afraid of dying and I have never said that publicly but I just wish I could relax and live life normally. I don't think that's ever possible, but I can only hope for the best. Please give me some tips and insight to this madness! Thank you all so much.

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  • I've had this problem for a long time. Being with people makes me anxious but being alone makes me depressed. I've found that working nights quiet my anxieties and depression and meeting people in the afternoons briefly makes life a lot easier. I hope this is helpful to you. Good luck x

  • I have dealt with similar issues and it is hard but you can get through this. I was taking medications and seeing a counselor but now I am better and no longer on medications. If you ever need to talk call me 806 777-8142.


  • I know exactly what you are going through, I used to feel just like that but your mind is like a car when it starts racing you need to learn to apply the brakes and slow down. You determine where your mind goes don't let your mind control you. I am available to talk or text if you need to talk. 806 777-8142....Calvin.

  • Are you up late at night?

  • Yes it definitely does get harder at night. Do you take any medicine for it?

  • Yes. I am currently on lexapro and Ativan.

  • Merely a suggestion but try excercise in the evening before bed. You don't need a gym. Something simple like walking a few flights of stairs will do. Try to get your heart pumping and blood flowing through your brain and body. Sometimes when I get attacks, I'll do push-ups in the middle of the night just to get it out. We have natural anti anxiety chemicals in our body. Blood flow will release them.

    In addition I've found that avoiding caffeine, sugar and alcohol are very helpful

  • No trying to exercise in the morning I found out people with the same problem exercise late but them in a panic attack an hour after

  • And whatever you do don't abuse the Ativan taken when you think you can't take it no more like full-blown panic mode

  • And for night time that works for me is breathing techniques and get on YouTube and find some calm relaxing music concentrate clearing your mind

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