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Hi guys. Not formally diagnosed but I'm pretty sure I've been dealing with anxiety for several years now (panic attacks, test anxiety, vomiting when stressed, you name it). Lately I've been experiencing a lot of anxiety about the relationship I've been in with a really sweet guy. It's made me break down and have a panic attack not knowing whether I should stay and tough the anxiety out with him (who has anxiety himself and wants to help me get through it) or distance myself and figure out what's going on inside my own head. I don't want to push him away, I just don't feel like I'm in a good enough place to be in a relationship. Thoughts?

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I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder a couple of years ago and I had a lot of the same symptoms. First thing I would say is to find a medical professional. I took a long time to go see a doctor and i really wish I had gone sooner because it's really helped. As for the guy, i guess what I'd say is it depends. Do you thinnk his anxiety is making yours worse? Because if it is, then maybe its not so good for you. But if his anxiety isn't hurting you and your anxious for other reasons then I think you should try to stick it out because having someone there for you is better than trying to tought it out alone. One of the things my doc taught me was i had to learn to reach out to people liek my family and friends when I wasn't doing ok and ask for help if I need it. It was really hard at first because I thought they would that I'd be bothering them or that they wouldn't understand, but eventually I did and people like my brother are part of the reason I'm doing a lot better today.

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