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Vacation and Xanax

So this past weekend i went on vacation. I went to Michigan tp visit my family, im originally from there, it was much needed. I have little to no anxiety. I was able to eat normally and i was myself. No depression/ no anxiety.

As soon as i got ready to come back to California i begam to get anxious. I havent had an attack but my depression kind if crept back imto the picture.

I went to the psychiatrists today and gor aome xanax. Im a little afraid to take it though. I dont wanna be high or a zombie.

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I assume you know that benzos have addiction problems for many people. There are whole websites dedicated to this, e.g. benzobuddies.org, benzowithdrawal.org. Of all the benzos, Xanax has the reputation of being the most addictive.


I habent actually taken the xanax. Its not for daily usage and i am not really one who likes to take pills anyway. Its for use as needed when i have panic attacks that are too out of control


I have been taking xanax o.5 mg three times daily. They help me get out of bed and do normal things, like other people..I Cant imagine them making you high..for me, they calm me down, and make me feel normal...I would not abuse them, but taking them when you need them should be o.k. xxx

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Hi Vacation! You sound unhappy living in California. Unless you are in the military or have a husband whose roots are there, I suggest you go back home. 😉


Lol i think you're right, its not that simple though.


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