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hello hello hello

my name is irrelevant but im suffering from depression which is stress related. Any tips for overcoming depression? The anxiety that comes from failure stops me from overcoming my depression. I want to meet new people and live life without being trapped in my head. Mean faces and bad attitudes bring me so down to the point of no return especially when it comes from friends.

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Pardon me, but they don't sound like friends, or they are clueless or uneducated about depression and anxiety. Stress related for me, I had to come to terms that I like to be in control. Does this sound familiar, perhaps? Are you in treatment and/ or medicated?


yeah i like to be in control but then ill feel guilty if not anyone is happy. I want to be a leader but not make any mistakes. Failure kills me as i am a highly sensitive person. I can see so so is having a bad day and that brings me down as well for no reason.


and im in no treatment or getting medicated


You might try getting a general physical, blood work etc done. A referral for a counselor?

Hard lesson to learn that we can't control everything, and aren't responsible for others being happy. I had to learn it. Take care of you, let others take care of themselves. No one can do you like you.

Be well.


berto112 I agree with Portojew sweetie I use to be like you and try to make everyone happy then I realized all that was doing is getting me more depressed because I had no time for myself and to make myself happy witch is the most important thing you have to make yourself happy before you can make anyone else happy good luck


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