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anxiety and panic attacks


I am having increasing panic attacks along with depression. This does not seem to lighten and I am isolating myself.

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Hi pafflou

Sorry to hear how you are struggling.

Any triggers that start it that you are aware of? Quite a lot of things can trigger my anxiety and panic. Once I know what they are I tend to be able to cope /manage it better.

I too, isolate a lot of are not alone 😞

Not sure what you have tried out, meditation on you tube helps me ,particularly at bed time, Jason Stephenson does some good varied meditations, although there is a good choice of many,

Apologies that I don’t have any amazing words of wisdom , hope others come along with suggestions to help.

Wishing you peace x

Hi pafflou86

I’m sorry you are going through that right now. Whenever I feel myself having an anxiety attack, I too isolate myself. But it only makes it worse. I would suggest finding someone who you can talk to about them. When I feel myself having one I talk to my little sister or brother because they can calm me down a little bit or help me through it. If you can find one person who you can just talk to either during or after it, hopefully it can make a difference. Again I am sorry, having both is very difficult especially when you don’t have anyone to lean on for support. But coming here is a good step, you aren’t alone.

pafflou86 in reply to YoungSimba

Wairb, I think this site is so good. Well,now I have these wonderful people, like you to talk to.

I do have a good therapist who I also rely on. You are right-it is hard to have at the same time. I am also bipolar and that also is hard to deal with. Thank you for your suggestions!

I'm sorry you are going through this. Have you tried youtube for deep breathing exercises?

I'm here if you need to talk.

Are you taking any medicine for it? If not, I suggest you see a doctor and get some. I know some people are against it but it definitely helps deal with it a little. If you are taking meds and things are getting worse you need to tell your doctor because the dosage or type of medicine still isn't right.

As far as helping yourself in the meantime, try to not isolate yourself. I know from experience that is something extremely hard to do, but it will make you feel better. Try to find someone who can be there for you to help you out.

pafflou86 in reply to EmLee96

Yes, I am on some meds. Just saw my doctor. He adjusted them. As far as isolating myself

I will try to get out more with people I feel comfortable. Al tho you are right about it being hard! Thank you for your advice.It is helpful! You are very kind, EmLee96.

I’ve experienced that. Do you use caffeine? It can increase anxiety? Also is there any things that are troubling you. ? Message me anytime you wanna talk.

pafflou86 in reply to quieturban

Thank you so much. I am so glad that I am not alone. Yes, I have a lot of problems to deal with. I am seeing my doctor today about med,ect. So glad for your reply! It makes me feel there is hope.

quieturban in reply to pafflou86

Anytime friend 💙

Good luck with the doctor appointment. Keep me posted

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