For me when I see my counselor or my psychiatrist I feel clear headed liight headed and i feel like i can move mountain and after 3-4 start feeling anxious but not having frequent panic attack. I when home for the easter break and i was so anxious at home. Imaging your home suppose to be a place of safety but your scared there. Its so hard at times to control AMY. I feel so strange around my family. I waasnt like this at all i used to love going home for holiday from college now i hate going home. It took me 3months to go home

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  • I underdtsnd what you mean. I get very axious at home in fact i thinm my home is my largest trigger.

  • Yes I realise my home is my trigger and I am trying to expose my self. I attend college holidays are coming and I have to go home.

  • Is there a way you can stay on campus?

  • I live off campus.. So yes I can. But running from it won't help. Just going to make it worse.....

  • You're right running from triggers does not help. I have been there- it's better to face them unless there is imminent danger( I have not been there.)

  • Taking time to yourself can help though. Also can you make your trips home shorter?

  • Taking time for myself don't work I freak out more

  • Hello. I think you may have the right idea, Tay. If staying causes anxiety and going causes anxiety....then, it's time to focus on you and to not let the anxiety get the best of you. You can identify the trigger but like you mentioned it doesn't help to continually avoid it. Shopping used to be a trigger for me but I knew I had to work through it. Anxiety does play tricks on you like I saw mentioned in another post. You can't keep rearranging your life around the anxiety or it will control you. If you know your triggers then you can focus on controlling them and preparing for them so they don't surprise you. I would prepare myself for shopping by thinking about it ahead of time and remembering the anxiety. I would try to work out a plan to work through it so I could get things done. I allowed myself a certain amount of time to be shopping where it was uncomfortable but not overwhelming. Since I was prepared, when the anxiety began to rise I took some deep breaths and focused on my goal. I knew that I could always leave at any point but working through it made me feel stronger. Each trip to the store became a little longer and better. I do fine now but every once in awhile.....Having a plan figured out in your head can sometimes help you to over power the anxiety.

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