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I love who I am and I'm not my PTSD

Hey guys I'm new on here and just wanted to fill everyone in on my story. 3 years ago I was in a car accident with my sister that totaled my car but no one was hurt. The wreck caused PTSD and triggered mild anxiety and extreme depression. I have many people close to me that understand pretty well what I am going through but the biggest difference is when I was at my lowest, I would have terrible hallucinations all under the category of death and heard voices that told me to hurt people constantly for months. The day I got help, I was so depressed that my heart rate dropped down to 40 bpm. I am doing a lot better now and finally feel like myself again but I am still terrified I will backslide and wanted to know if anyone has gone through anything similar to what I went through when I was at my lowest

Stay strong


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i have had harm thoughts due to my OCD. They terrified me. I talk about them to my therapist and that helps. Sorry to hear that you went through this. Is medication helping ?


Yes medications is helping and I have surrounded myself with people who understand me and I think that's half the battle to getting better.


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