I want to die

Or hurt myself. I wanna punch the wall and/or head butt it. I don't care which. I've lost it. I have lost it. I'm not here anymore. Bipolar has taken over and I give up. If I can't get help, why bother? Let it rule. Wen I get help, I'll think about coming back. If I die before then or get put into a mental institution, then so be it. I've had enough.

I don't want to do this anymore

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  • Hey there, consider calling or texting someone here at the US national hotline: suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

    Or the UK national hotline: suicide.org/hotlines/intern...

    Or alternatively, go to the nearest emergency room. It sounds like you are in crisis and people in any of these instances should be able to give you the help you need.

    Wishing you luck & support!

  • Contact a COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR SPECIALIST ,OI am undergoing the same in India and you will be out of it

  • You deserve better love please go to urgent care first care and let them know your pain. I suffer from panic disorder and depression and taking my antidepressants and benzos daily has helped me but your in crisis so demand the emergency room to help you. You deserve it

  • You are at a hard time in your life even without panic attacks. Try to relax and not focus on the attacks. It helps me if I do not give it energy. I say something like do your worst, I have things to do. Then I just go on with my day and the attack dies. I work on not thinking about the attack or focusing on any of the symptoms even though my heart is racing and my stomach is in knots. It takes practice but this methods works really good for me. It could work for you.

  • AlexSZfutureRN vishugurdasani Cristina0505 Gettingthere321 thank you all for the support, I went straight to bed after I posted this. I wasn't going through a panic attack, I just gave up. I'm not phoning hotlines because I'm at home and I will get caught. I'm trying to get help from a doctor or psychiatrist or someone but this still hasn't happened. I'm not telling my family because they won't accept me. Basically I'm stuck...

  • Please contact an agency for help. You have to help yourself before you help anyone else. I have found that out myself.

  • I have been exactly where you are at. You need to go to the emergency room and you will then get the help that you need. I understand that you want your family to accept you, do they know that you are suffering or do you put on a mask and smile to cover up the pain you are in? That is what I did and it doesn't work. Your family will be there for you and accept you once they understand what you are going threw once the doctors and therapists explain what it is you are going threw. I know it is scary, but you do need to take that first step. You are so worth It. God put you here for a reason and this is not it. I am here if you need anything.

  • I put a mask on to cover my pain, they have no idea.

    Thank u for the advice and being religious I doubt I'll ever commit suicide.

    Thank you for your advice and support

  • Covering up does not good. In fact once you share your real self- you will feel better. I am here.

  • Promise that if you do have those feelings and they are more than you can handle you will reach out. This quote has gotten me threw the dark places and to my therapist. "You cannot heal what you do not speak. You are a very beautiful person. We are here if you need us. Please take care and I will pray for you.

  • Thanks

  • Hi Ibanana if you go to a walk in clinic near you they can prescribe you Xanax or Ativan which will calm you through your panic attacks and general mood. They can also refer you to a psychiatrist too. I say be open to this idea. And remember, talking to us and others you trust always helps.

  • Walk in clinics are the worst, never doing that again 😞

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