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Parent contributing/aggravating Teens Anxiety?

hello, I am a parent of a wonderful 13 yr old. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with GAD, Depression and ODD.

he is attending virtual school, plays a sport loves to travel, interacts socially with only a few select friends. Refuses all contact with his mother since November. Prior to November all contact with his Mom was causing his Anxiety and Depression to spike so much that he was hurting himself, talking about taking his lifeand having shut down behavior for days.

He has improved a great deal while with me. But its not Easy and he brings up his mom but refuses to contact her.

is it possible that a parent can aaggrivate or contribute to a teens anxiety and /or depression to such an extent that the child will avoid the parent?

want him to have a healthy relationship with both parents, but when i force he cries and says he has tried.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks AW

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Please refer to the Yes! words when in doubt about whether a parent can be toxic to a child of theirs. Some people weren't ever meant to be parents. They just aren't capable of nurturing a child appropriately. They are toxic. They are hurtful and dangerous to that child. Please believe this is possible. It's for this reason that some parents have their parental rights terminated and their children taken away permanently. These children then may become available for adoption.


Aw62, I suppose it's possible that a parent can aggravate symptoms . Do you ever notice your wife triggering anxiety? It may also be he's having a hard time relating to women and girls. He is 13! Do you see counsellors together? Does he talk about his fears of his mother? I would get him to a therapist that you can be part of. Sometimes kids just feel more comfortable with either parent. Be patient. Keeping him away from his Mom will just reinforce his fears. God Bless



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