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What Should I Expect

I have an appointment scheduled on Tuesday with a psychiatrist because my meds are not working. I've been working with my GP but think I need to see a specialist. I'm anxious about the appointment and laying awake imagining all kinds of scenarios.

I have complex intertwined issues and I'm really dreading having to rattle off all of this with someone new in one hour! I know I'm going to take too much time and be incoherent and leave important stuff out and just waste his time.

So. What Should I expect? I plan in bringing a list of medications I'm currently taking and a list of the drugs I've used in the past for MDD. Anything else I should bring? Should I tell him my diagnoses?


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You are a person full of beauty.You are a genuine person.You won't be wasting his time.You are a nice person.Don't tell him the diagnosis.The doctor is an expert .Whatever you tell him,the doctor will be able to diagnose you.Don't worry it would be a fruitful session.All the best


Since you are concerned about the appointment not being long enough, write down the significant symptoms you have. Be brief but descriptive. Rewrite this list as many times as needed to be brief but accurate. This way the doctor can read it quickly and get down to business quickly. You review this just before going in to see the doctor and you'll be able to speak about yourself intelligently and clearly also.

Let the new doc come up with his or her diagnoses and see how they compare with prior diagnoses. Tell him your prior diagnoses if he asks. Have them written down if you think you won't remember easily. Leave room for notes in case you need to make any new ones.

You have a good idea about having a list of drugs you've already tried. Separate them into useful drugs and not useful ones.

All of these lists need to be written clearly so that you can hand them to your doctor and let him or her read them for himself since you have expressed concern about reading them to the doctor. I'd hand them as they are asked for, not everything at once. Otherwise, he may ask you to read them off. But you must play it by ear. Keep in mind, if you really are tongue-tied about this, no one can make you read these lists, NO ONE!! So relax. Now, do you want to hand a list to the doctor or do you want to read it to him? Your choice.

With these lists made up, you have plenty of time on this appointment. No problem now. You'll probably have medication recommended. At least be prepared for that possibility. Are you willing to consider that? An antidepressant? An Anti-anxiety med? What kind? You should have plenty of time to discuss the drugs because of your lists. If not, make another appointment very soon. Don't forget you can learn a lot about any med online and don't need the doctor for a lot of the information. But you do need him for his gameplan and goals for you.

I'm here for you for questions or just about anything. I don't mind. Whatever you need, I'm here.


An update: made a list of all my current medications, a list of past SSRIs, list of symptoms, and list of allergies. Thank you all for your suggestions. I felt so prepared. He was kind and gently guided me through my history. Changed my medication to Effexor DR 75mg. Today was the third dose. I feel slightly giddy floaty. I'm not driving because I feel impaired. I hope this passes.


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