You can always talk to me!

If you are feeling anxious or suffering from depression you can always feel free to share your thoughts with me. I won't be judging you, i won't be mad at you because I too am suffering from it but somehow I've got it a little bit undercontrol. I can understand the pain of suffering from anxiety and depression. I am always here to help. Because we all are in this together. We all are determined to beat this terrible thing. You can ask me questions message me feel free but ofcourse I am no therapist or doctor but surely am a good listener.

4 Replies

  • Thank you for your kind post. I may take you up on your offer sometime ;-)

  • Sure :) why not!

  • Thank you so much. It is always amazing to know that you are not alone. Want to talk a bit if that is okay?

  • Sorry I've been busy so couldn't reply sooner and yes you are always welcome to talk.

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