Trouble Switching Therapists and Not keeping Psych Appointments, etc

Back in early February I had to switch therapists, because my therapist at the time was going on maternity leave. I saw this therapist for a year and I really was forming a professional relationship with her. I told her things that I kept bottled up inside me for so long and she was there for me. She also didn't judge and had a very kind heart. When I made the decision to switch therapists, I thought that it was for the best at the time considering her maternity leave. Man, was I wrong. I only saw the current therapist twice since then (she only has availability every other week and I have cancelled on her twice already). I really want my old therapist back and I don't think that I could switch back to her.

On another note, I can't seem to keep my psychiatry appointments. I was supposed to see the psychiatrist at first once a month, and I was keeping the appointments. Then things happened, I cancelled and once a month turned into every two months, then three months, etc. One time it took 4 months to see her, which wasn't recommended. I just kept cancelling because of drama at work, being sick and having no money. The last time that I saw my psychiatrist was also in February. Now, the relationship with my husband is suffering big time, I am extremely stressed out at work and have been written up for calling off too much (getting sick often and not seeing the doctor). I haven't seen a primary in several months either and I have to switch to a new one.

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  • I guess that you know that these appointments are important for your sake. So trying to keep them will only help you in the end. Can you schedule them earlier or later in the day or in the week so that you can make the appointmts.? Maybe they're just not at workable times or days? Just think about it and do your best. That's all you can do.

    And get you and your hubby into counseling also! Your marriage is worth it! It can be so much better!! Maybe if you talk to the doctor and the therapist about changing the charges you can make the appointments without not showing because the price will now be affordable?

  • Thanks for your response and advice to my post, BonnieSue. Unfortunately, the psychiatrist's schedule is not at all accommodating to my work schedule. She only is in her office on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and the latest appointment that she has is 2:00PM. My job is really demanding and as a co-teacher in a head start program, I am needed greatly. It is very difficult to get coverage especially when we are short staffed as it is. A lot of times I cancelled my appointments because I couldn't get off of work for them. Now that I disclosed information to my supervisors out of sheer desperation (fear of losing my job) they are a little more understanding and I already gave notice of an upcoming appointment later on this month.

    Yes, money is very tight, but my husband is a very caring person. I love him so much. He knows what I am going through and is very supportive of me. I just wish that I could be more of a devoted wife to him. I am going through a rough patch now, but I know that it won't last forever. We get a long good together most of the time. It's when I get in my moods when things get a little too intense. I think that I just need to stick with counseling on my part for now and go on a regular basis. Yes, it's a new therapist and it feels like I am starting over with her, but things could be a lot worse. Thank you for putting this situation into perspective for me. :-) Both my counselor and psychiatrist have been working with me as far as payments go and I am on a sliding scale, thankfully. It's just a matter of actually going to the appointments regularly. I also am seeing a new PCP later on this month.

  • I'm glad you feel that things are better than you sounded a few minutes ago. That's good to hear. You're seeing the brighter side. Maybe with improved health you'll start to feel as if you're a more devoted wife to your hubby! As you feel better and stronger, you can possibly be able to do little things that feel like progress and appreciation for his support. I hope so!

  • I hope so. This happens a lot where I tend to get more anxious and feel more depressed during stressful times. It's like a vicious cycle.

  • That is SO normal---to feel more anxious and depressed due to stressful times. They all feed each other. Hopefully something improves and the whole cycle improves.

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