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So the plan is to go to the walk in centre down the road from college after break when me and my friend are on our free periods, the only issue is that I'm petrified.

I know from advice on here earlier, not to tell the doctor about going on the web and doing screenings on there but I'm still scared he's gonna have doubts and express that to me. That may not sound bad but when you've been to others for advice and support and they shun you off like you're just being stupid, well that really hurts me and I've had way too much of it.

If I have to take blood tests, how the hell will I do that and what would I do with the results? I'm doing this behind the backs of my parents (which is also weighing down on me) and my paediatrician, if I'm diagnosed as having thyroid dysfunction, who would I tell? How would I get the people who need to know, to know? What if I haven't got a problem with my thyroid, what if I'm later diagnosed with bipolar? What do I do?


Never mind now, it was a pile of 💩

Have to book an appointment 😖 and fill in forms. Forget this, I'm never gonna get help 😭


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