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Feeling Overwhelmed!!

Hi Everyone, I'm new here and just really in need of someone to talk to I lost my mom over 8 years ago and there has been such an empty void in my life and I try to just maintain life and for the most part i have..But i am going thru alot looking for acceptance from my mother-inlaw and honestly looking to fill the emptiness in my heart but i have come to the realization that it's just not going to happen...I am hurting inside and feeling so alone. I also suffer with a mental-illness that i'm kinda secretive about because i do not want anyone treating me differently by under stress my mood swings can be quite severe. thanks for listening

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It hurts to lose someone you deeply care about. Nothing will ever be the same, but that doesn't mean it has to be all bad. You can honor the good memories if you want to feel closer to her. The positive outlook is you have people who care about you. You aren't all alone when dealing with your heartaches. I hope you find peace.


No matter how much time passes, it is important to have feelings validated. Has your mother in law actually rejected you, or are you mainly overwhelmed with sadness about your mom. I hope that you can talk about old times, and look at pictures that bring back good memories.


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