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Handing upsetting news

I recently found out that my boyfriend is moving in a couple months, which obviously stressed me out. I said a lot of mean things to him, and I spent the next three days worrying about everything. Even though we've talked it out and have a plan to continue dating and see what happens, he forgave me for the things I said, and I am okay with the situation, I still find myself very anxious and stressed. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with stress like this effectively? Thanks!

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I just read a very interesting article on the ADAA site about dealing with anxiety. What you are experiencing is normal. I hope that you have a nice support system to help you through the change. Let me know how you are doing.


It sounds like you are afraid of the change and that makes us tend to "freak out". We panic because something new is happening and we can't control it. This happens to me a lot, but just remember you can't control everything and things will change. Also remember that life goes on no matter what and when tomorrow comes you will be ok. I hope you can try and accept the change and be able to keep calm. Please feel free to message me if you just need to talk. It usually helps me!


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